John Sykes

Over a hundred of the works in the archive have now been transcribed and are available here in Portable Document Format (.pdf). Any PDF programme should be able to read them, including Adobe Reader. Please honour the Copyright statement on the home page.

If you need help, or want parts extracted or the music transposed, please contact me at
sykesproj at talktalk dot net


  • Piano solo

Toccata for pianoforte 

Rhapsody in F sharp minor

Polonaise   Assyrian Festive Dance, from 'Jonah and the Whale' (recreated)

Chaconne in C minor

Theme and Variations

Homage to Moussorgsky

Six Bagatelles for virginals

Keel Row a Diversion for piano 

Paean from incidental music for 'Adventure Story'

Polka from incidental music for 'Arms and the Man'


A Fancy

Prelude in D major 

Prelude in C major 

Waltz in F# minor 

Daddy Long Legs - March 

  • Piano Duet/ 2 Pianos
4 waltzes  

Suite for Two Pianos 

Threnody (from 'Adventure Story') 

Polonaise - original two piano version 

Seven Diversions for two pianos 


  • Organ Music

Organ Prelude 'Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground' 

Rhapsody for Organ  

Organ Prelude 

  • Orchestral Music
Eight Pieces for Small Orchestra 

Caprice for piano and string orchestra 

  • Choral Suites
The Planets for male voice choir, piano and percussion

The Ballad of Cinderella for male voice choir, piano and percussion

  • Songs
Songs of Innocence (William Blake) - 16 songs

Songs of Experience (William Blake) - 20 songs

Homage to Dowland  (Randall Swingler) - 6 songs

Three settings of poems by Francis Byrne 

Christopher Columbus - songs with play text 

Better Music Ne'er was Known  from 'Kinght of the Burning Pestle'

Jerusalem  (William Blake) - unison song

I Greet My Love

  • Church Music

Zeal of Thy House  (hymn tune for 'Disposer Supreme')


Easter  (TTBB anthem, words by George Herbert)

Hast Thou not Known?  Bicentenary Anthem for SATB & organ

Lift up your Hearts  anthem for SATB & organ

Praise   (SATB unacc. anthem, words by George Herbert)

Psalm 23 for Baritone solo and organ 

Psalm 150   (SATB with organ accpt.)

A Litanie  (Unacc. anthem for double choir, words by John Donne)

Psalm CL     (SATB with organ accpt.)

  • Carols

Ding Dong Merrily   (SATB unacc.)

Let Christians All  (SATB unacc.)

The New Christmas Carol  (SATB unacc.)

Let Joy your Carols Fill  (SATB unacc.)

All Bells in Paradise  (SATB unacc.)

The Saviour's Work   (SATB unacc.)

What Child is This?   (SATB unacc.)

  • Part Songs
Nine Choral Settings  (booklet form)

I love the Jocund Dance - T.T.B.B. (William Blake)

To the Muses - T.T.B.B.  (William Blake)

The Tyger - T.B.  (William Blake)

  • Chamber Music
Violin Sonata 

Theme and Variations for String Quartet

Cello sonata in G minor 

Cello sonata in B minor 

Caprice for four flutes

The Strolling Piper for descant recorder and strings

  • Incidental Music from Plays
piano versions

Noah (November 1950)

Ronde des Animaux 


Hymn to the Sun 

Adventure Story (November 1951)


Threnody - piano duet 

Jonah and the Whale (November 1952)

Polonaise - Assyrian Festive Dance for two pianos

Henry IV part 2


Court Tune 

Country Tune 

Sir John Falstaff's Bergomask 

Knight of the Burning Pestle (March 1947)

Better Music Ne'er was Known

Arms and the Man (March 1948)

March and Polka

  • Incidental Music from Plays
instrumental versions

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